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Planche de Downwind à pont plat, stable rapide parfaite pour débuter en toute confiance dans les downwind

Sizes available:

14' x 23''  =  277 L

14' x 24''  =  289 L

14' x 25''  =  301 L

14' x 26''  =  313 L

We designed this Downwind Board with the Downwind purist in mind; with a flat deck, square tail, and a big bulbed nose. 

The bulbed nose and rocker help smooth the board’s reaction to the speedier bumps. We found the perfect shape and angle to prevent the nose from diving into the next wave. 

This is the board you want to have if you want to catch the stoke of a downwind run. 

It catches the smallest of bumps and glides like a dream. 

We used unidirectional and Biaxial Carbon to give the board proper stiffness while keeping it ultra light, stable, fast, and super fun.

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